About Yellow@TheLight

  • Hometown: New York, NY
  • Genres: Electronic Dance Music: Electro/House/Progressive/Dubstep/Breakbeat
  • Label: Only The Nastiest
  • Members: Yellow@TheLight

    • DJ/Producer Yellow@TheLight is on a quest for the filthiest sounds imaginable. Using generations of nostalgic samples to create his aesthetic atmosphere. Electro house bass grooves will rhythmically rupture your eardrums passing the music through every part of your body. Live instrument phrases and collaboration brighten the lights for this house.

      Growing up in New York City has played a dominant role in his exposure to the music scene. Influenced by progressive live acts like John Dahlback, and Dubfire with the energy and intensity seen by David Guetta, Deadmau5, and The Swedish House Mafia. Joining forces with childhood influences such as Nine Inch Nails all the way to Eric Clapton has given Yellow@TheLight a raw attitude and love for music. While production influence from legends like BT and Miles Dyson help feed the articulation of these Electro-House Bangers.

      Pacha New York City has been a big part of his house style. Being there every weekend has given Chris a front row seat to some of the worlds most famous DJ's sets and international connections feeding his aspiration to create new electronic music in every way imaginable.

    Yellow@TheLight debuts raw, soul-throbbing electronica album "Roughs & Remixes"

    Yellow@TheLight, is an electronic music artist caught between two opposing currents, and he enjoys the challenge of staying afloat. He relishes creating serene, stream-of-consciousness electronica while spinning and remixing dirty Electro-House beats. Yellow's influences are as eclectic as his DJ-ing; his favorite artists range from BT to Nine Inch Nails, from Clapton to The Crystal Method. "They're just two ends of the spectrum I'm trying to bring together in some sort of mass-confusion," he says. "Something I Could Never Have," off Roughs, is an original inspired by a NIN track, which made it to the second spot on the band's remix Podcast. Here is the link:

    Yellow's debut album Roughs is just that. It's a collection of 13 original tracks-some which are still raw and unfinished. Roughs, which is available on iTunes, is a rare opportunity to get inside Yellow@TheLight's head and see his creative process as it unfolds through his electrifying rhythms and haunting melodies. "I want people to feel how I felt when I was making the album," he says. "I just want people to enjoy it." Roughs is the culmination of a three-and-a-half year relationship with his studio equipment and features the best selections of one hundred experimental tracks, their love-children.

    Yellow is present in all 13 songs, pouring his emotions, experiences and influences into each track. "Nopey," his favorite on the album, is named after his childhood dog. "There's something about the way it sounds that makes me feel happy and at peace," he explains. "Brainwaves" is Roughs' edgiest track; the beat is other-worldly as he beefs up an original guitar melody through a synthesizer for the main sound. "Making 'Brainwaves' was like running with scissors. You hope you don't fall down," he says. "I wanted to see how far I could take an idea and stretch it out without going completely overboard." The album's most popular track so far is "1am" featuring vocals by the soulful Jackline Lugo. - And has been played on Podcast Episode 14: "Call it What You Want" on Yellow@TheLight's YellowCast.

    Although Yellow's debut album is out, he's nowhere near finished creating new tracks. Yellow's dirty, yet pretty remixes, not featured on Roughs, and are ready for download off SoundCloud. He's also working on more original beats for his next album. "Britney," named after his long-time girlfriend, is emotionally-charged, raw and may be his favorite track yet. "I'm putting all my emotions into my music like an artist would with a canvas," Chris explains, "but I don't have a paintbrush."

    Yellow's roots in music run deep. He has been surrounded by sound his entire life as his father, a musician, was always picking a guitar or mandolin. The habit caught on with Chris, as he and his guitar were often inseparable during high school. But, something electronic pulsed through him, pushing him to purchase his first set of turntables when he was 13. Mixing and playing grew from hobby to obsession as he neared college. Chris dove into the electronic music scene by DJ-ing gigs, bartending weekends at Pacha NYC and making his own tracks.

    Yellow@TheLight is currently filling the airwaves with his infectious rhythm and body-pulsing beats through his Web site, He's also on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and SoundCloud. Follow his Podcast, YellowCast, to hear his latest remixes and originals. Yellow spins in New York City and has torn apart its Club Mecca's: Webster Hall, Pacha and Marquee to name a few.

    Black Friday at Hudson Terrace

    Line-up / DJ RubberNinja Yellow@TheLight Will Divide Promoter / Yellow@TheLight, Michael Nerlino, Will Divide FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 11/25/11 - Black Friday @ Hudson Terrace NYC Contact: Lauren Zink Email:


    Plan to wake up Friday morning at 4:00 a.m. to get great deals on the latest products? Well if so, there should be no plans of an early bedtime. On Friday night, November 25th, Yellow@TheLight, DJ RubberNinja, and Will Divide will be spinning some beats that are more than worth staying awake for.

    Join hundreds of other show goers on Black Friday from 10:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. for what is promised to be a Not-To-Miss Event featuring three up-and-coming New York City-based DJ's. The show will take place at the upscale venue, Hudson Terrace, found on 621 West 46th Street in Manhattan. Plan to arrive early, admission is free from 10:00 - 11:00 p.m., and better yet, so is the open vodka bar. If you do choose to arrive fashionably late, tickets will be $10.00 for girls, and $20.00 for guys. Of course, all of this only applies to those who are 21 years of age and over. Please Dress To Impress.

    The night will begin with DJ Rubberninja who will play from 10:00 p.m. until midnight. Notorious for providing sweeping, melodic, powerful House Music with a solid feeling of - Holy Shit, that song was Awesome! Who has managed to make an extremely prominent name for himself in the NYC club scene and has some upcoming productions that will be pleasing your ears that very night. Yellow@TheLight, will be the headline of the show, spinning from midnight until 2:00 a.m. Yellow@TheLight, a New York City native, has been creating music and wowing audiences since starting to DJ at 14 with a pair of turntables. Eventually becoming quite the devoted producer and sound engineer, with an album on iTunes and a Podcast that has been running almost 10,000 hits a month and rising.

    Bringing a type of Electro/House Music that is like licking both ends of a 9 volt battery, but you like it. Yellow@TheLight has been known shake the soundsystem of just about any club he manages to play. Including epic shows at almost all of the top New York City hotspots including Pacha, Webster Hall, Marquee, Water Taxi Beach, Le Souk, and many more, but Hudson Terrace will be his first party, where he is in complete control of the environment and venue.

    Expect dancers to be rocking Yellow@TheLight shirts and not too much else. Body paint artists will be creatively decorating girls from 2am-4am. Having a separate entrance waiting for the words "Black Friday" to grant you admission. They will be capturing and live-streaming this event over the Internet, as well as recording, and photographing the insanity that will be happening.

    The night will end with music from DJ Will Divide, who will play from 2:00 am to 4:00 a.m. bringing the sexiest Electro/Hip-Hop beats ever to grace NYC. With his constant attitude to thrive and succeed he has proven himself as a noteworthy producer as well as a one hell of a DJ. To say the least, there will be no disappointment. And, there is no need to be sad when the show is over, music will be handed out to anyone in need, and can be downloaded by all immediately on iTunes.

    To hear any more information about this event, further parties, or music go to and click the Facebook button. =)